The Best Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers – 2012 Edition

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Dawson College Pedagogical Day – October 12th, 2012The Best Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers – 2012 Edition – Rafael Scapin, Ph.D. Coordinat

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The 35 Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools Chosen By You – Edudemic

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10 Best Online Document Search Engines


If you are looking for documents on the internet , you ‘d rather use specialized search engines which will bring you documents with indicated extensions such as word , pdf , ppt .Here is a compilation of the best document search engines I found online :
1- DocJax


Use this search engine to find documents in the following ‘Documents Sharing Communities’

3-Find a PDF
Search PDF Files Easily and Quickly

4 – PDFfind
Search only PDF files online

5 – Brupt
Document Search Engine based on Google Customized Search.

6- 09h15
Search engine in various languages for documents , pdf , presentations and spreadsheets.

7- TypePDF
Searches through “1045691” of PDF documents and ebooks found in the world wide web.

8 –FreeBookSearch
This search will find documents on school, college and university websites .

9 – Osun
Searches for doc , pdf and ppt

10 – PDF Search Engine
Searches for documents with the following extensions : doc , pdf , chm , rft , txt

Please feel free to suggest more links to document search engines .

How to make a live presentation with authorstream and skype

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Authorstream is a powerful free online service for  sharing  presentations . In addition to the possiblitiy to embed  presentations in blogs and websites , authorstream offers the possibility to broadcast live your presentation via a an url which allows your audience to follow your  presentation the pace  you present it . By adding a VOIP service such as skype , you get a fully featured conferencing  tool for free ! All you have to do is  :

  1. upload your presentation to authorstream
  2. Once  your presentation is uploaded , click on  the link marked ‘Present live’ made available in the right-side section
  3. Copy the link of your presentation at the top corner on the right and send it via email to  your audience .

Sharing  starts  as soon as your audience click on the link you sent them .The text chat box is available  in your conference  .However ,  use skype or any other VOIP  makes  your conference  fully featured .

The easiest way to start a skype conference with your audience is the following :

  1. Add your audience  to the list of your contacts as a group or as individuals .
  2. Start a conversation with one of your contacts then add the others .

With authorstream and skype , anyone can start afully featured live presentation for free !!!


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10 Best Online Rhyming Dictionaries


Writing poetry and songs is real challenge to both beginners and professionals. Howevr , using rhyming dictionaries   may help writers to find rhyming words that fit better .Here is a list of the best rhyming dictionaries I found on the web :

You type a word and you choose to get its rhymes , synonyms , definitions and more . Moreover it’s a great database for quizzes , quotations and famous documents .

Rhymer offers six types of rhymes

  1. End rhymes
  2. Last syllable rhymes
  3. Double rhymes
  4. Triple rhymes
  5. Beginnig rhymes
  6. First syllable rhymes

Writeexpress is an online rhyming dictionary for poetry and songwriting . It provides rhymes five types of rhymes :

  1. End rhymes
  2. Last syllble rhymes
  3. Double rhymes
  4. Beginnig rhymes
  5. First syllable rhymes

This service offers  several additional  features . In addition to rhyming words and synonyms , you have the choice to include phrases containing the word you are looking for .

WikiRhymer® is a free online rhyming dictionary and songwriter toolbox. Here, you can find rhyme words, phrases, acronyms, abbreviations,  proper nouns , mosaic rhymes , near rhymes , end rhymes and slang–in all–some 100,000  entries

Merriam-Webster’s Word Central is now reprogrammed for superior word power and language fun.The portal offers  search in dictionary , Thesaurus and rhyming .

Type a word and press enter to find rhymes in rhymeit  dictionary.

With findrhymes , you has the possibility to set your search to a number of coinciding phonemes .

Woxikon offers a function which helps you to match words and terms. In addition to spelling , verb forms features , Woxikon offers the choice among  eight languages available on their  service .

In addition to rhyming dictionary ,this  website offeres a variety of services including translation , quotations , phrases , lyrics  and more  .


These are the 10  best online rhyming dictionaries I came across on the web.

Got a link to to add ? Please let me know  .

+ I have just received a link to a new version of wikiRhymer :
A totally new look !

Best ,

Mbarek Akaddar