Writing poetry and songs is real challenge to both beginners and professionals. Howevr , using rhyming dictionaries   may help writers to find rhyming words that fit better .Here is a list of the best rhyming dictionaries I found on the web :


You type a word and you choose to get its rhymes , synonyms , definitions and more . Moreover it’s a great database for quizzes , quotations and famous documents .



Rhymer offers six types of rhymes

  1. End rhymes
  2. Last syllable rhymes
  3. Double rhymes
  4. Triple rhymes
  5. Beginnig rhymes
  6. First syllable rhymes



Writeexpress is an online rhyming dictionary for poetry and songwriting . It provides rhymes five types of rhymes :

  1. End rhymes
  2. Last syllble rhymes
  3. Double rhymes
  4. Beginnig rhymes
  5. First syllable rhymes



This service offers  several additional  features . In addition to rhyming words and synonyms , you have the choice to include phrases containing the word you are looking for .



WikiRhymer® is a free online rhyming dictionary and songwriter toolbox. Here, you can find rhyme words, phrases, acronyms, abbreviations,  proper nouns , mosaic rhymes , near rhymes , end rhymes and slang–in all–some 100,000  entries



Merriam-Webster’s Word Central is now reprogrammed for superior word power and language fun.The portal offers  search in dictionary , Thesaurus and rhyming .



Type a word and press enter to find rhymes in rhymeit  dictionary.



With findrhymes , you has the possibility to set your search to a number of coinciding phonemes .



Woxikon offers a function which helps you to match words and terms. In addition to spelling , verb forms features , Woxikon offers the choice among  eight languages available on their  service .



In addition to rhyming dictionary ,this  website offeres a variety of services including translation , quotations , phrases , lyrics  and more  .


These are the 10  best online rhyming dictionaries I came across on the web.

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+ I have just received a link to a new version of wikiRhymer :
A totally new look !

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Mbarek Akaddar