Authorstream is a powerful free online service for  sharing  presentations . In addition to the possiblitiy to embed  presentations in blogs and websites , authorstream offers the possibility to broadcast live your presentation via a an url which allows your audience to follow your  presentation the pace  you present it . By adding a VOIP service such as skype , you get a fully featured conferencing  tool for free ! All you have to do is  :

  1. upload your presentation to authorstream
  2. Once  your presentation is uploaded , click on  the link marked ‘Present live’ made available in the right-side section
  3. Copy the link of your presentation at the top corner on the right and send it via email to  your audience .

Sharing  starts  as soon as your audience click on the link you sent them .The text chat box is available  in your conference  .However ,  use skype or any other VOIP  makes  your conference  fully featured .

The easiest way to start a skype conference with your audience is the following :

  1. Add your audience  to the list of your contacts as a group or as individuals .
  2. Start a conversation with one of your contacts then add the others .

With authorstream and skype , anyone can start afully featured live presentation for free !!!


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